Vibracadabra - Magic Male Masturbator

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Are you looking for the ultimate male masturbator? You've finally found it. The Vibracadabra does everything a guy likes with the softer touch the dick needs. Don't fear the automatic masturbator, this one wraps your cock in a bumpy silicone sleeve and actually feels good. All the technology happens behind the silicone sleeve.

Vibracadabra rotating

It's the perfect choice for those who crave real sex like sensations. Intended for the amateurs of oral sex, the Premium Pack will make you benefit from all the feelings of a good blowjob. The Full Pleasure Pack also includes an extra sleeve that will give you the sensations of anal sex.
Vibracadabra sound
Simply plug in your headphones, position your Vibracadabra and let the magic happen. We offer you 3 different voices to suit your desires and change your partner whenever you want.
Vibracadabra 3 voices

It comes with a 360-degree telescopic stand equipped with strong suction cup to accommodate all your fantasies. It includes 7 different modes for new sensations with each use and stimulate the most sensitive areas. 3 speeds are available, you can start slowly or go much faster according to your desires.
Vibracadabra rotating
You can completely release your hands and enjoy the thrill of the female upper position. Let your penis body move forward and backward, sucking and twisting, moving your heart and feeling the real body. When the sensations reach new heights and you are about to climax, simply press this button.
vibracadabra climax


  • Material: TPE & ABS
  • Waterproof
  • Size: 270*86mm
  • Easy cleaning with water
  • Rotating and telescopic for real sensations
  • Discreet packaging
Package Includes:

1 * Masturbator Vibracadabra
1 * USB charging
1 * Strong suction cup
1 * Headset
1 * Instructions Guide