Shower Organizer

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Never a disorganized bathroom again with the latest Shower Organizer!

Do you ever find yourself with soap in your eyes unable to find the shower head because it is hanging loose somewhere? Do you ever almost slip because of soap on the floor in the bathroom? Do you fall over the jars and bottles on the floor? This shower rack is sturdy and takes everything you need in the shower off the floor. This means you no longer have to bend down, you can find everything easily and soap falls closer to the drain. This prevents slippery accidents in the shower.

Important features of the Shower Organizer™
✔️ Quick and easy: It is a simple click system, so you do not need to drill any holes in the shower. This also allows you to choose the height. If you have several, you can make a lower one for the children and a higher one for the adults.

✔️ Safer to use: Our shampoo shower rack ensures that all the things you need in the shower are safely at eye or body level, so no one will fall over the bottles or soap. You can put your shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, the shower head, but also razors or shaving foam on it. Also recommended for older people, so they don't have to bend over for the soap and the shower is less slippery.
✔️ Easy to clean: You don't have to clean everything where people have used soap continuously in between, so this saves you time and energy. Also a great idea for in the motor home or on the boat. You already have less space there, so this shampoo rack will help you organize it even better.

✔️ Saves & cleans up: The bathroom looks cleaner and more organized. You don't have bottles and wipes lying around everywhere, everything is here. Because it's easier to find soap here and leave it there, you waste less soap. And you can immediately see when the shampoo runs out.
For shower pole fixing, fits for 22 ~ 25 mm mounting diameter hole.