FireFly™ Drone

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This beginner RC quadcopter is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. With the included handle controls, you can easily operate the drone with your hand, a great feeling! The drone has a flight range of 50 meters and is very robust due to its efficient design.

The drone has 6-8 minutes of flight time with one charge and the battery is charged in 60 minutes. The hand controlled drone is also perfect for night use because of the LED lights on the whole structure.

Learning to fly a drone can be tricky and a little frustrating. Finally, say goodbye to the complex remote, there is a new way to fly!

Introducing The “Easy To Fly” Firefly™ Drone

  • It’s easy to control with The Firefly™ Bracelet—simply move your hand to fly the drone. With eight axis movement and no tricky controls, anyone can fly this drone.

  • Avoid painful crashes with obstacle avoidance sensors—your furniture and room decors are safe, you can go straight from novice to pro in a matter of seconds!

  • Easy to set up—fly out of the box, in less than 30 seconds you’re in the air performing 360° tricks and pulling off perfect landings!

  • The drone is tough—made of environmentally friendly ABS materials. The drone is built to last.
  • Long battery life—10+ minutes of performing impressive tricks and loops in front of your family and friends.

  • A simple & fun drone—perfect for birthdays, Christmas, or other holiday gifts.