Farozia™ - Deep Exfoliating Mitt

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  • A SKINFLUENCER'S SECRET WEAPON -  Enjoy the benefits of an expensive  Korean spa treatment without leaving home. Our Deep Exfoliating Mitt's provide full microdermabrasion to visibly lift away dead skin.

  • LOVE THE WAY YOUR SKIN FEELS - When you use our Deep Exfoliating Mitt's 2-4 times a month, you’ll enjoy better product absorption, fewer bumps and ingrown hairs, and increased circulation, leaving your body feeling amazing.

  • REVEAL A HEAVENLY GLOW - Use our Deep Exfoliating Mitt to fight back against dry, bumpy skin caused by keratosis pilaris. Your arms, legs, and body will look smoother and fresher than ever before.

  • MAKE YOUR SKIN SMOOTHER THAN EVER BEFORE! - Loofahs and chemical exfoliants don’t have the skin-gripping power of our viscose shower exfoliators, meaning they’re not as good at removing dead skin. Our mitts are rough enough to exfoliate deep, while soft enough to buff and smooth your skin!