Which pack should I choose?

126 PCS SET  

Our 126 Pcs Set which includes 72 Magnetic Sticks, 54 Silver Balls, and a Premium Packaging Box is the next step to challenge your mind for slightly bigger structures and possibilities.

126 pcs set creasticks

189 PCS SET  

It’s time to expand 

your creativity! 189 Pcs Set which consists of 108 Magnetic Sticks, 81 Silver Balls, and a Premium Packaging Box enables you to unlock bigger geometric structures and slightly complex shapes to swirl your creativity.

189 pcs set


The 252 Pcs Set is our best seller which consists of 144 Magnetic Sticks, 108 Silver Balls, and a Premium Packaging Box. Create epic structures and decoration pieces with your children. Unleash your inner imagination and artistry like never before without worrying about running out of pieces!

189 pcs set creasticks


Our Special Mega Set contains 504 Pcs which include 288 Magnetic Sticks, 206 Silver Balls, and a Premium Packaging Box. The bigger the better! Create intergalactic spaceships, explore the Transformers world, and so much more that you can even use as epic art pieces for your living room. Don’t just create structures; now create amazing stories with your creativity and geometries that you can tell all about to your friends. This massive set truly empowers you to unleash your inner creative beast while providing endless possibilities.

504 pcs set

With our Special Mega Set you can build a magnificent Eiffel Tower!

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